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Pretty good :)

Custom spritage, very nice :) Many features within a flash, also cool! And thanks for the musical score ^^

Good luck in continuing :)

-Mad Man Ube

Classic Element of Physical Comedy

One would have to have a strange taste of humor to truly enjoy this. I mean, sit back and think... The animation is the tip of the iceberg of the entertainment. Reading the reviews just makes this a true modern piece of cyber art.

Graphics: 2, Just the Letter "B", however the image of people's faces when the see it: priceless!

Style 10: The unique display of humor in one simple letter. Truly, original.

Sound: 1, none in the animation, however, the groans, and screaming at the monitor, again, priceless. (if an annoying sound was added like the letter "B" being monotonously voiced in repitition, or the sound of a bee, looping over, and over and over again would've added to the nastiness of people's reactions, in theory)

Violence 10: The reviews alone could provide enough violence to last a life time...

Interactivity 10: The raw emotion that this extracted from the viewers displayed from the reviews. Interacting with the viewer, goal met, and then some :)

Humor 10: Best part about, I mean, yes... I admit, myself, I've an awquard sense of humor, but this.. just shear genious, and yet so simple...

Overall: 10: What this flash yielded was some of the best reviews ever. You got the viewers, to make up an archive of laughable phrases thinkable to man.

So cheers to your twisted sense humor, and to all the reviewers!

-Mad Man Ube

Not bad

Good sound, and graphics, intriguing storyline. IMO, a replay button would have been a nice addition and notched up a few rating points, but oh well, 'tis minor :) Maybe next time.

Good luck on the sequal ;)

-Mad Man Ube

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Pretty Good

Pretty darned good. Nice creative way to use one of those exercise balls, heh. The music got a bit annoying after awhile, a mute option would have been sweet. Rather than that sweet game man :)

-Mad Man Ube

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Nice work.

Hey, this is pretty catchy, but I feel it needs to be a bit longer. Maybe add in some sounds of robotic arms moving (sort of a shrill "zzzzzzzt"; simular to a drill ) Keep it up though. Looking forward to future submissions from you.

-Mad Man Ube

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